Thyroid | Naturopathy Treatment for Thyroid | Tips for Thyroid

Endocrine gland secretes thyroxine hormone to control metabolic reactions that take place inside the body. Thyroid is related to the functioning of endocrine gland that mainly troubles during menopause and puberty period. Hypothyroid is caused due to less thyroxine secretion from endocrine gland that results in sudden weight-gain, stiffy and dull hair and swelling on face. Whereas sudden weight loss, palpitation, excessive sweating, frequent urination and hunger are the prime symptoms of Hyperthyroid which is triggered due to excessive secretion of thyroxine hormone.Deficiency of iodine leads to goitre which is caused due to inflammation of thyroid glands. Include 25% raw fruits and vegetables in your diet that contain low calories. Consume chutney of coriander leaves without spices, lotus stem, celery, pineapple, water chestnut(singhada) and makhane to control thyroid disorder.