Thyroid | Knee Pain | Upset Stomach | Diabetes

Thyroid patients should follow yoga related to throat namely Ujjayi pranayama, Bhramari paranayam and singhaasana for improving thyroid gland\’s functioning. Include 25% raw food items along with coriander chutney without adding spices. Fermentation of cold and hot water treatment and mud pack treatment on neck are some of the beneficial healing techniques that are available at \’Balaji Nirogdham Naturopathy and Yoga Centre\’ in Delhi. Patients having Knee-pain should avoid Vata-dosha creating foodstuffs that supply excessive air because they dry down the fluid in joint which provides flexibility to them, massage them with sesame (til)oil or herbal oil and eat methi seed powder twice a day till a month.Indigestion conceives constipation which causes lumber, stomach and joint pain. Therefore,treat your stomach disorder with proper balanced diet timely. Diabetic patients should go for morning walk since it improves the functioning of pancreatic glands, eat low calorific diet including fibrous food, sprouts and poridge.