Sureshchand Ji – Bhagwat Khatha Ep-05

Sureshchand ji Maharaj: Amrish said, ” O lord! if i might have any intention of insulting a saint then you never forgive me. But if i would have true devotion then, lord, may your Chakra be stopped and the saint be saved!” The Chakra was stopped and the life of Durwaasa was saved. Rishi Durwaasa confessed that he had understood the magnificence of divinity that day. He blessed Amrish when he was set to return.

Sukhdev told King Parikshit that once there was king namely ‘Yognaasan’. The king was served the prasad of ‘Kheer’. The rishi also suggested him to have that prasad for getting blessed with four sons. When a couple conceives ‘no’ child then only, karmas are responsible cause. The god says to accept him as brother, sister or anyone who are not in your life. The god says,”I’ll fulfill your every wish. And I can do anything for the ones who have been devoted to me. I take away all their woes & worries.” Since a shadow does not remain apart from the body as the god cannot stay away from devotees. Every shortcoming in life will be fulfilled by almighty ‘Thhakur ji’.

After completion of ‘Yajna’ that was to turn omen into prosperity, all three queens of King Dashrath wanted to consume that ‘Kheer’ for being blessed with son. An eagle pounced over the kheer of queen Sumitra and flew away with it. The queen was in pain.Every creature comes from the abode of god. If the lord himself becomes the ‘parishioner’ of a devotee then his life becomes Bhaagwat Kathha. When the lord does not find Bhagwat Kathha somewhere, he writhes. It is to rememer that the tale has capability to change the pain of life. The pain of mundale world is the tale for the lord. If you want to get relieved from grievances then you submerge into the tale of Thhakur ji. You ought to spend moments in the service of god, even if you have just few minutes. We are unable to see him but he is there to catch our sight.

Queen Sumitra was sad since the eagle was flown away with the Kheer. The latter took it to the mountain where Anjani ma was living. She was the mother of Hanuman. The Kheer fell into the mouth of Ma Anjani.The share of Sumitra became morsel for Ma Anjani and thereby, Hanuman ji was born. Hanuman ji is the servant and brother of Shri Ramchandra since the former was born after eating the Kheer.

Now, Sumitra was worried as her Kheer was pounced by the eagle. Queen Kaushalya and Kaikayi offered Sumitra that Kheer. Sumitra said, “If i would be blessed with two sons then i’ll give you each son in your son’s service.” It proven true in future as Lakshman remained in the service of Lord Rama and Shatrughan offered his service to Bharat.

Sumitra accepted the Kheer with joy.The vibe of happiness was vibrated in the city of Awadh.

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