Sureshchand Ji – Bhagwat Khatha Ep-04

Sureshchand ji Maharaj: It is said that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches (Jiske pair na fatey biwaai vo kya jaane peed paraayi). The person who has not fallen in love, how can he understand the definition of love? Those who haven’t submitted themselves to the devotion of god, how could they know what is worshipping and servicing of god? Such people see worshipping as pretention. Devotion is the real worth in life and nothing else. But before saying ‘adieu’ to this world, let such work is to be done that would ensure earning pleasure for heavenly life. Once benevolent ‘Lord Narayana’ asked for asking and he was ready to give the boon of ‘immortality’, the king ‘Bali’ hesitated and asked for permission to take an idea of his wife. The name of king’s wife was ‘Vrindawali’. Lord Narayana asked Vrindawali to make any wish. At this, Vrindawali got annoyed and said to Bali, “You will make a wish from him. He does not give but take. He is a robber.” The lord said, “Whom did I loot? I have given life to all.” Vrindawali replied not to be ‘big mouth’ as she knows every habit of the lord.

The lord answered, “My habits are mystery for even great saints. They did not know the fathom of my eternity, then how do you know?” “Lord, you visit at the doors of Brij-waasees (natives of Brij district) and break vessels if find nothing, Vrindawali said.” “You rob butter and buttermilk and when you get nothing then you break their vessels. You are this kind of robber. You are a thief.” Devotees also get annoyed with god and say whatever comes to his/her mind. But the god always wears smile on his face since wrath is spitted upon those who are close to heart. When someone becomes so special then every grief and pleasure are shared with them. Anyhow, the real name of ‘Thhakur ji’ is ‘Chitt-chor’. When he is too happy with his devotees then he steals their heart.

Bali asked the lord to show his presence at his door. The lord responded, “Should I become your guard?” The king said, “I didn’t mean this. I just wish to see you at the door of my palace.” Granting his wish, the lord became a guard of King Bali.

Lord Narad informed goddess Lakshmi that lord Narayana was doing a ‘guard’s job’ at the palace of King Bali. Now, goddess Lakshmi asked Narad, “How could I bring lord Narayana back?” Suggesting a trick, he advised her to call king Bali her ‘religious brother’. She tied a rakhi to King Bali and made him brother. The relation made by religion is above all personal relations. It’s at the apex of all relations. The god does not forgive to those who do not walk on the way of religion. When goddess Lakshmi made king Bali her religious brother, the latter became so happy and asked, “Sister, What service should I offer you.” The goddess replied, “I want that guard.” Shocked king said, “I did not recognise you earlier.” At this, goddess came in her real avatar. Stunned king exclaimed, “Wow! I did not have idea that a female robber will come to the castle of this thief.”

Now, lord asked King Bali, “Who is the winner?” The king answered, “I made you my guard; thus, I am the winner.” Listening to his answer, lord said, “I am the real winner. I guard at your gate and as you have become the brother of goddess Lakshmi, you know well that I am your in-law.” King Bali bowed down and fell at the legs of lord. He said, “I just want to urge to visit me wherever you reside, although it’s just for one moment.” The lord granted his wish. Even today, lord visits to ‘Sutal lok’ for king Bali.

Patience is to be kept. The impatient will go off the track in life. Patience means to control. Whatever your heart says, ponder over it frequently since it does not lie. The soul never concludes wrong. An individual does good work but not the bad one since his soul calls him. But he gives preference to his heart over soul.

Amrish went to take a dip in river. He saw Rishi Durvaasa asked him to visit his hut. Durvaasa ji accepted his invitation. Amrish said to his family not to eat anything until the rishi came. But the rishi did not come till night. Dwitiya was changed into Trayodashi. He took ‘charanaamrit’ of god for avoiding omen. As he took it as Rishi Durwaasa visited his house. He noticed that Amrish had humiliated him since he had taken water before the guest. An ogress was born from his blood namely ‘Krityaraksha’. On asking Rishi ‘what to do’, Kritya was ordered to devour Amrish. Innocent Amrish urged to god, “Prabhu, save me! If I had committed sin then, may this Kritya eat me! I am not afraid of death even a bit. And if I am not at fault then please save me! Lord sent his ‘Chakra’ that burnt Kritya into ashes. And now, the Chakra chased rishi Durwaasa. Devotees, a person cannot sit at rest if lord’s ‘Chakra’ chases him.

The breath is a gift of god to a man. He does not want to waste his time and wants to meet god. ‘Kaal Karey so aaj kar, aaj karey so ab ; Paachhe pralaya hoyegi fir karega kab.’ Therefore, do not let the virtuous acts be delayed. As soon you can do, you ought to do. Virtuous deeds are virtuous.

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