Sureshchand Ji – Bhagwat Khatha Ep-03

Sureshchand ji Maharaj: Those, who have submitted themselves to god indeed by mind, body, soul and wealth, think that everything is of god and they will be ordered to leave their body uncertainly. The man behaves as an insane and unknown to the mundane reality. The saints and great souls, as of Tulsidas, elucidate this fact to them. All grieving people should recite ‘Chaupaayi-pathh’ every day in order to get rid of every infliction.

The value of life should be understood. It is very difficult to get the birth of a man. And when the life is begotten then it becomes momentary or uncertain. A tree has lakhs of leaves and ‘which leaf falls when’ is unknown, likewise who falls down is also unknown and non-trustworthy. And it is fact that death is certain. Everyone has to go and none would have to stay. And it is also unknown where does deceased go after death. The dead does not care about what is the condition of the kins left behind him. Then, what should be done in life? One should do such kind of virtuous acts during life which would not let us trap in ‘Yonis’. All these ‘yonis’ have infliction and pain. The god has obliged us with the birth of a human being for staying away from agony. (Lyrical form)The god says, “I gave you diamond in the form of human life. What should I do if you earn inflictions?” Furtherance, “I told you everything in Vedas but if you don’t understand then what should I do?” , “I cultivated crop for you and dry fruits are also cropped to let you eat but still, if you consume flesh and liquor then what should I do?”

(Lyrical) The god says, “Abandoning shrewdness and cunning attitude, you come to under my refuge. It is sure that your commutation will come to an end.” And “If you still do not follow my directions and spend life as futile then what should I do?”

When you open eyes every relative is yours but after your death, none is of anyone. People recall only deeds and acts of the demised ones but none recount about an individual. The world is full of selfish people. When a person was in earning state, he was adorable but he becomes an enemy after falling down ill in bed. Although a person earns crores in life but when he reaches to such a critical state of a bed-ridden then elders say, “he will not die but will make us die”- this is the state of the world.

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