Sureshchand Ji – Bhagwat Khatha Ep-02

Every breath is a blessing of the god. You may devote it either in futile talks, as promiscuousness and avarice, or in virtuous lessons as Bhaagwat Katha. Spending time in spiritual matters provides deep core peace and makes the way to heaven an easy and smooth path. It dries out unnecessary pain or woes. We ought to recite the name of god as many times as possible and do work. Nobody tells you to leave this work. It is essential to do work because no household can run without doing work. If you get a bit of time then it should be dedicated to the god and have a taste of devotion. Where there steps the feet of a virtuous man or saint there god has to come. It is kirtan or devotional song; it’s a Bhagwat discussion in which the god lives indeed. You will reap the outcome of visiting various pilgrimages after listening to the Bhagwat Kathaa (Bhagwat story) as both bring equal fruit. Bhaagwat is lord Krishna and vice-verse. Getting a glimpse of god while going through jerks will be your victory; similarly, you will win if you get a chance to serve god despite facing the storm of hurdles and complications.

This universe is vast. You live in this vast world. But when you get a chance to serve god there you should have no pretention but true and deep core devotion since god need honest devotion, nothing else. The god is not hungry for wealth; neither desires honour and respect from you. He is hungry of devotional emotions. The person having beautiful and sacred thoughts, he/ she can catch a glimpse of the god in any figure. The way to god is the way of true sentiments. The god has said in his own words, “I am hungry for only true feelings, I am an ocean of emotions and if you call me with honest heartily feeling then you would come across this life smoothly.” And he rejects even a single penny which is dedicated with avarice but accepts just a single blossom that is dedicated with true devotion. The trailing thing in the path of god is true gesture or love. No education is needed here. No degree is needed for leading to the way of god. The devout had made the god dance with him while holding hand in hand. The lord has said, “The entire universe dances in my spell and Gopi makes me dance. And I am the hubby of goddess Lakshmi to whom people call the thief of butter (maakhan-chor).”

Animals do full their stomach with food but the difference lies in the conclusion of life. Like us, they also do work. The yoni or incarnation of a man is regarded as karma Yoni or the era of karma. Thus, you have to do such works as a result of which you will not face any agony. You will meet salvation and will be exempted from the cycle of birth. Everyone is buried under grief of this mundane world.

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