Subconscious and Conscious Mind

Mind does not have physical structure but is scientifically termed as programme just like our soul that facilitates functioning to our brain. Dr. Fried is the pioneer who coined the term \’pre-conscious mind\’ and \’unconscious mind\’ first, which are recited as conscious mind or psychological or sub-conscious mind now. All voluntary and involuntary operations inside the body are controlled by our sub-conscious mind but actually, conscious and sub-conscious mind are metaphysical or psychological construct. Level of various operations are classified as conscious, sub-conscious and critical mind. Knowingly done operations are experienced and registered at sub-conscious mind by critical mind those can be recalled from that store-house during hypnosis healing. Our habits are guided by sub-conscious mind but can be reprogrammed by this treatment. Hypnotic mode too, is controlled by our sub-conscious mind although both,conscious and sub-conscious mind, are operative.

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Dr. J. P. Malik

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