Stomach Pain | Weight Loss | Acidity | Constipation

Anil Bansal has suggested some simple but worthy tips to treat:

a) Weight Loss

Drink juice of white pumpkin in the morning.
Drink warm water after every meal for weight loss.
Press your ring finger of both hands under your thumbs for 30 minutes in the morning and evening.
Take ‘Vedic Amrit’ to cut off the problem of indigestion, gas, sour belching and constipation.
Drink honey in warm water for weight loss.
b) Stomach pain, acidity and hard to defecate

Don’t be miser and leave the greed to have more food or money.
Drink grapes juice in the morning to overcome acidity.
Smear oil on the naval.
Drink the milk in which munakka has been boiled to cure stomach pain.
Take Vedic Amrit to end constipation at its first stage.

Tie or fasten wet bandage around your stomach.
Drink the water in which coriander seeds have been boiled.
Facial hair and pimples

Apply the mixture of honey and heated turmeric on the face.
Drink buttermilk with cumin seeds, Asafetida in it at noon.
Drink hot milk with turmeric in it at night.
Stomach pain, stomach infection and piles

Take Vedic Amrit for at least 6 months as the treatment of piles takes 6 months as mandatory.
Drink milk with the juice of lemon in it for 15 days continuously and then again after the interval of 15 days.
Take grapes juice in the morning for good digestive system & keeping the stomach pain at bay.
Apply oil on the navel at night.
Drink the solution of buttermilk, cumin seeds and asafetida (heeng) at night to cure stomach pain.
Wrap damp bandage around the stomach to quench stomach pain.
Drink milk with munakka boiled in it.
Snorting problem

Pour some drops of cow’s fat or ghee in the nose.
Drink apple juice to correct heart troubles. Avoid it if you are suffering from diabetes.
Take Vedic Amrit for 2 to 3 months to decrease fat and improve the system of the body.
Aftermaths of By-pass surgery

Take Vedic Amrit to reduce the risk of heart disease again.
Consume ‘Gokuru’.
Drink the water in which coriander powder or seeds have been boiled.
Place your feet against the wall with your head down and stretch your legs horizontally against the wall repeatedly to reduce the swelling.