Shani Sade Sati

Astrology conveys that saturn is not as scary as it is assumed. Auspicious position of Saturn can credit unlimited money and establishes an individual to be a doctor or engineer or leader or an actor also. Saturn acts as an impartial judge that delivers judgement as per your karmas. Despite facing plight and suffering throughout life, you should stick to reverence for god. Then, as being a just judge, Saturn will bless you \’raj-yog\’ during \’Shani Sade Sati\’ or \’dhaayi\’ or \’dasha\’. Astrology assures that everyone should do virtuous acts without any suspicion for enjoying the boon of raj-yog during \’sade sati\’ of Shani. Scriptures clearly state that money is credited to your destiny on the basis of outcome of early-birth karmas. In addition to money, fame comes to you in return of a bit extra virtuous deeds performed by you in early life. And the reward of outstanding generosity is visualized through the stepping of any \’spiritual guru\’ in your life. Disrespecting your parents while gripping under ego and proud is penalized by Saturn through bringing humiliation in the life of ungrateful children. Sade sati is examined through the aspect of moon which hits thrice in life.The 1st phase of sade sati is inflicted during childhood that affects education and parents. 2nd phase of sade sati strikes during adolescence which affects career, job, spouse and respect. The last phase of sade sati strikes during late years of life which affects as per conclusion of your entire life karmas. Virtuous and good acts save us from getting penalized during sade sati of shani whereas evil karmas can lead to cancer, brain hemorrhage along with many other woes. Therefore, everyone must consider the frequent mar of pain seriously and go for astrology solutions. A housewife (born on 5.12.1965 at 2:10 a.m in Bihar) wants to confirm about owing her own home. As per astrology, her horoscope depicts that she is born in virgo ascendence and the lord of ascendence is mercury. There is \’Buddh-chaandaal dosha\’ in her fate but mars has made it possible for her to owe a home. Till April,2013 she would be the owner of a house. She should visit \’lakshmi-narayan temple\’ to worship and keep fast on poornmashi for averting the disaster of \’budh-chaandaal dosha\’. She ought to feed a cow on every wednesday also.

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