Self Hypnosis | Learn Self Hypnosis | Exercise for Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis means slowing down of awareness or brain and entering into trans or alter state by yourself. First, a person has to meditate determingly to step into alpha and then, into theta. Theta marks deep concentration state. Words are proven as the most powerful and impactful agent of transmitting oneself into trans. Acquire the body posture in which you feel comfortable and start focusing on the central part of your forehead. Your brain would get relaxed first and then your entire body will be at peace. There are various methods of transmitting into trans like focus on an assumed image in the mid of forehead and start uttering or reciting the commanding words which you want your body to follow. In such relaxation mode, your mind starts acting as an information reciever and instructor too. Such kind of self-hypnosis requires a lot of practice. You can learn these techniques of resting into trans in Indian Hypnosis Academy.