Saade Sati | Astrology Videos | Astrologer P.K. Sarna

In natal-chart, the first position of planets is called static planets and the second position is known as transit position at the time of birth. Saade sati is counted from moon.If the moon is in first house and saturn touches or reaches 12th house, it remains there for 2 and half years and if moon remains in its first house for 2 and half years while second house to moon is attributed for 2 and half years, these altogether, count as saade-sati. In astrology, moon represents status of mind. When moon comes to 12th house and saturn is in transit aspects of 6,9 and 2nd houses, it influences wealth (2nd house), health (6th house) and fate (9th house) negatively. When saturn transits over moon on natal chart, saturn aspects 3, 7 and 10th houses, it affects courage (3rd house), life-partner (7th house) and career, profession or business (10th house). When saturn reaches 2nd house from moon, saturn aspects 4, 8 and 11 houses that represent fixed wealth, longetivity and desire respectively. These positions disturb an individual badly.If dasha lord is good then negativity does not be able to harm. So, don\’t panic.