Remedies for Thyroid | Health tips | Naturopathy

As per health tips, add honey to the roasted turmeric and make a paste, then apply this paste on heels to cure cracked heels. For curing the problem of fits, consuming white pumpkin seeds is very beneficial. Also, press your index finger with your thumb, this also benefits in reducing problem of fits as per health tips from Naturopathy. Naturopathy suggests consumptions of apple juice as it contains melic acid which is very good for brain.

Lay on the bed on lay down your head and then pour one bucket water on your head, forehead and eyes slowly. This health tip of Naturopathy can be used during fits.

For curing the problem of thyroid, drink coriander water and turmeric milk. For stomach ache, add 1 teaspoon of ajwain to 1 glass water and boil the water till reduced to half and also tie water soaked cloth around your stomach. Using water soaked bandage has no side effect and there is also no fixed time to tie it. You can tie it before meal or also after meal and hence can take benefit over many health related problems without any side effects under Naturopathy.