Remedies for Mangal Dosha

Anil (born on 15.5.71 at 7:45 a.m) is eager to know the solution of Mangal dosha & about his benefics according to astrology. As per astrology, he is born in Aries ascendance. His horoscope indicates infliction through \’Mangal angarak dosha\’, \’pitri-dosha\’ & \’lagnadhipati dosha\’. Mars is the lord of ascendace while the sun is the ruling planet of 5th aspect. Jupiter is the lord of \’destiny\’. Mars in 10th aspect (the aspect of Saturn) is retarding his career by its alliance with Rahu in the same aspect. He ought to preform \’parihar poojan\’ for eliminating \’mangal angarak dosha\’; erect a saffron coloured flag on which \’Jai Shree Ram\’ should be written in Hanuman temple; worship lord Hanuman; recite \’Hanuman Chalisa\’ 11,000 times, afterward, arrange fire-offering (havana); oblate for pleasing ancestors; pay respect to father; wear ruby gemstone; offer \’irk\’ to the sun & feed jaggery to a cow on Sunday. Vimla wants to go through the astrological factors coinciding marriage of her daughter (born on 9.7.89 at 5:33 p.m. in Tinsukhiya, Assam). According to astrology, she is born in sagittarius ascendance & her birth sign is scorpion. Mars is housed in the 8th aspect of her horoscope depicts \’mangalik dosha\’. The sun in 7th aspect is indicating as the main culprit imposing inflictions in her life. The auspicious period of her marriage will last till November 2013. She ought to follow poojan to appease Mars & Saturn; pour water and unboiled milk over lord Shiva till 21 Mondays & offer 21 quince leaves on which \’om namah shivaaye\’ should be written with the liquid of turmeric using pomegranate stem while summoning Lord Shiva and goddess Gauri; feed food to a cow till 21 days for leading happy married life. Mars casts its fury by deteriorating health, dragging into litigations & damaging matrimony. Mars in the aspect of asccendance causes familial disputes; mars in 7th aspect interrupts ascendance & conspires to deteriorate your health. But mars in 4th, 8th & 12th aspect shows different impacts on your life. For instance, while in 4th aspect, mars will retard the growth of the children; deteriorate health & even death can be conspired by mars while existing in 8th aspect; Mars in 12 aspect imposes the stigma of \’being unlucky\’. People should remediate astrological defects called \’mangalik dosha\’ by following vedic rituals such as \’ghat vivah\’, marriage with the statue of \’shaligram\’ or with peepal tree. There is no need to be scared because of such defects. Saint \’Bhrigu\’ advocated via astrology guidelines that astrology based remedies render relief and elimination from such defects.Balwan Singh (born on 11.3.1978 at 8:05p.m. in Haryana) wants to know about the uncertain barriers retarding business & complications in life. He is born in Virgo ascendance & his sign is pisces.Rahu is in the ascendance & Venus, mercury along with moon & ketu are allied in 7th aspect. Mars has formulated \’kuldeepak yog\’ while Venus is impacting in the mahadasha of the sun which may bring bad health to the wife, cause accidents, failure & outflow of the reserved funds. Since moon is the lord of \’benefits\’ aspect so he is inflicted with \’chandra grahan\’ & \’pitri dosha\’; wear emerald gemstone on Wednesday; feed sugarcane juice to a cow; do poojan to appease lord \’Kubera\’; recite the mantra \’om bram breem brom shah\’ ; enshrine \’buddha-yantra\’ at home; Arrange \’satya narayan kathha\’ on full moon night; enchant the mantre \’om namo bhagvate vasudevaaye namah\’ with pure reverence.

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