Remedies for Joint Pain | Weight loss by Naturopathy

Worried about your weight? Here are some tips for weight loss by Naturopathy expert Anil Bansal. Drink a glass of hot water mixed with lemon juice of 4-5 lemons and honey at night. Also, you ought to drink white pumpkin juice with your breakfast for weight loss by Naturopathy. Avoid fried food, pickle and sugar, this will also help you in weight loss.

If you are having spots on face then rub ginger juice with the help of a lemon wedge after removing the lemon juice from that wedge according to Naturopathy. Then, apply turmeric and honey paste on your face.

As per remedies for joints pain, first, try to avoid sitting in an AC or cooler. Drink turmeric milk at night. Soak white sesame seeds in water and then grind it in the mixer adding water to this and drink it as remedies for joint pain. It will help in increasing calcium in your body.

According to remedies for Joint Pain, avoid oily food, sugar, all purpose flour (maida) and drink Salaki juice. It will help in reducing joint pain. Start drinking turmeric milk to maintain congenial relationships. Maintaining proper diet is very important for a good health.