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Sanjay Kumar Kashyap(born on 11.3.1983 at 7:30 a.m in Vilaspur) wants astrological prediction regarding his job. As per astrology, his horoscope shows moon is impacting in the dasha of Rahu. Being lord of 5th aspect,i.e. the aspect of benefits, Saturn is in the 8th aspect and her ascendence is Pisces in which lordship of moon is concluded.Mars is in an ideal position but Rahu is putting obstacles in the aspect of career. After 8th January, 2013, \’Bhagyavaan yog\’ will onset. He ought to worship panch-mukhi idol or picture of lord Hanuman and recite \’Hanumat Kavach Pathh\’ on every Tuesday by offering Laddu to him with reverence. Later, donate it to the priest of the temple or a girl; appease Rahu via worship and prayer for getting blessed with good job. Arpita (born on 22.6. 1987 at 6:15 a.m. in Mujaffarpur) desires to know astrological defects causing delay in her marriage. According to astrology, her horoscope defines that she is born in gemini asendence while her zodiac sign is sagittarius. Ketu is in 5th aspect and Mars is in the 7th aspect. While existing in the aspect of ascendence, the sun is impacting to 7th aspect. She is inflicted with \’sampoorna Mangalik dosha\’ and the yuti (alliance) of the sun, Mars and Ketu.Presently, Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of the sun. Till 15th december, 2012, no pious eve is apt to arrange marriage. Thus, Mars, ketu and the sun ought to be pleased via poojan with reverence. Taruna (born on 23.1.1987 at 7p.m in Himmatnagar) wishes to get familiar with the astrological solution to get government job, good health and settling her anger. As per astrology, she took birth in cancer ascendence and her sign is libra. Ketu is impacting in the mahadasha of Saturn. She is stricken with \’sampoorn mangal angarak dosha\’, \’Kaal sirp dosha\’ and Saturn has been impacting since 2007 which is causing damage to her health. Remedies based on astrology advocate to arrange \’mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’, \’Kaal sirp dosha\’ and appease saturn for getting recruited in government job and improving health. In order to fulfill the wish regarding government job, the aspect of fortune, its position and dominant role of the allied planets namely sun, mars and Jupiter are examined. For instance, Mars in the 9th aspect indicates very bright chances of getting government job. But mangal angarak dosha is terminating her chances of getting it at the last moment and Saturn will check her patience but eventually, vedic rites of astrology can please the sun, mars and saturn. The need is to follow the proper astrological norms.

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