Reiki For Wish Fulfillment

Most of our wishes are fulfilled in life. Their fulfillment depends upon their size and the efforts you put in. Efforts should be of both, physical as well as metaphysical level. Therefore, the requisite energy will be trasmitted simulataneously for getting the wish fulfilled.

The hindrance in wish-fulfillment can be caused due to astrological or vastu defect. Meta-physical efforts make effect when a lot of physical effort proves failure.

Reiki for wish-fulfillment is proven as the most effective science to boost up the level of internal energy and enhancing concentration power. 9 crystals are used via reiki grid or Wish Yantra to make your wish fulfilled under Reiki for wish-fulfillment.This grid corrects astrological, vastu related, planetary and number related defects. There are 9 partitions of this grid or Wish Yantra in which love, finance, fame, health, family support, education, conception, business/ career and foreign travel related wishes are categorically mentioned. This way all wishes related to foregone matters are subject matter to be resolved via Reiki for wish-fulfillment.

The wish relating to any of the foregoing problem should be written on white paper using red pen for installing it in the grid or wish yantra to execute Reiki for wish-fulfillment. Then, the grid is to be charged by following a particular procedure which is mentioned in the VCD. This way, your wishes will begin to be fulfilled automatically.

Those who don’t have the wish-grid or wish yantra, Reiki for wish-fulfillment suggests that they have to write their wish on blank white sheet with red-ink. This wish should be quoted as “by god’s grace my wish has come true” although the wish is yet to be fulfilled. Under Reiki for wish-fulfillment, energize that chit by keeping it in the left hand and covering it with right one. Now, summon the deity till 15 to 20 minutes on whom you have faith. Bury that chit in ground. Follow the similar procedure every day until it come true as per Reiki for wish-fulfillment. Writing it everyday signifies creating it more and more where as burying represents the fulfillment of wish by surpassing its limit as per norms of Reiki for wish-fulfillment. It is the rule of mother nature that it blesses everything superfluously.

But in case of fulfilling destructive wish, you have to write the wish once and burn it to ashes without mentioning name of any individual according to Reiki for wish-fulfillment. Focusing on one point increases it while distraction will remove the trace of it. The method of fulfilling wish demanding destruction of anyone’s intervention from your life, for instance in extra marital affairs, will help you to sort out that problem provided that you must not recall that person or matter again in your mind as per Reiki for wish-fulfillment. This will reduce the inclination of a person towards anyone. The same procedure can be utilized for recovering from any disease. You can follow both ways, one having destruction motive and the other method for strengthening the positivity, either in relation or in health under Reiki for wish-fulfillment.

Meditation also plays key role in wish-fufillment as per reiki for mind programming. It is said “As this universe, as this anatomy”. The idea of every invention is conceived inside the brain and then only, it realizes in true sense. The energetic power of subconscious is required to fulfill what you weave in your thoughts. One has to awake that subconscious power by summoning the deity with intensive focus on him. This will be done with the aid of meditation as per mention in reiki for mind programming. Create firm faith on the existence of god. As per Reiki for mind programming, energized ‘Amethyst’ crystal can enhance memory by strengthening third eye chakra.

In acupressure for enhancing memory, liver 1 point is to be stimulated using acupressure machine for triggering learning power.Afterwards, white magnet should be applied there as per norms of acupressure for enhancing memory. Logical memory can be boosted up by activating H1 point on both hands and tonifying the point by applying magnet there according to mentions in guidelines of acupressure for enhancing memory.

Recalling can be enhanced by activating the point located at the outside portion of both thumbs as per acupressure for enhancing memory. Then, stick yellow magnet there to reap the benefits of acupressure for enhancing memory.

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