Reiki for Relations & Marriage

Astrological problems and vastu defects cause delay in marriages as well as lead to after marital differences between spouses.

Reiki for relations & marriage generates positive vibes so that interrupting negative vibes causing delay and disputes would be removed. Lacking emotions in marriage concieve detachment. Reiki for relations & marriage heals heart chakra of both husband and wife. Distraction from your life partner needs to be healed by charging sacral chakra under reiki for relations & marriage.

According to reiki for relations & marriage, place a pink crystal (rose quartz) in reiki pyramid to search perfect match for your daughter. Then, place a white slip on which wish should be written as ‘by god’s blessing my daughter has been married with (assumed groom) and she is leading happy married life’. Reiki for relations & marriage also arranges love marriage with proper consentment of parents. Wish chit should have matter written that ‘by god’s grace our marriage has been held with full consentment of our parents.’ under norms of reiki for relations & marriage.

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