Reiki for Memory Enhancement

Acupressure machine and magnets stimulate 10 vital points on both hands. It trigger pituitary glands for secreting height hormones. Reiki affirms bone strengthening and growth along with pituitary gland activation by energizing mool-aadhar chakra and third eye chakra.

A methi seed or magnet can activate the uppermost inner side of your index finger for sharpening memory.

Reiki for memory enhancement prescribes charged third eye chakra, heart chakra and solar plexus along with magnets application enhance memory and focusing power. Our mind is categorized into conscious and sub-conscious mind as per guidelines of reiki for memory enhancement. Proper balancing is must between left and right brain since conscious mind breeds learning power while sub-conscious mind helps in recalling learnt matter as per reiki for memory enhancement. Hypnotherapy improves sub-conscious brain by activating mind via proper programming. Adequate nourishment and oxygen to brain are supplied through breathing exercises for eliminating hair and brain related problems. Through this, reiki for memory enhancement sharpens memory.

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