Reiki for Joint Pain

If joint pain in knee persists, Use Reiki for joint pain. It heals ‘Solar Plexus’ and ‘root chakra’ using red crystal to energize bones and muscles.

Reiki for joint pain states if level of scaphoid, RA factors and uric acid seems higher then rejuvenate solar plexus with the aid of yellow crystal via reiki.

Stimulate middle joint of your middle finger in hand on the same side of which your knee is aching. Do massage of this joint till 3 to 5 minutes as per acupressure for joint pain. Then, tie fenugreek seeds or methi seeds there.

Acupressure for joint pain has instant relief for your aching joint. Start massaging your index finger from the side that faces middle finger till 3 to 5 minutes. Acupressure for joint pain will surely be an effective remedy for your shooting pain in joint.

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