Reiki for Job & Marriage

Reiki for job & marriage recommends usage of wish grid. Wish-grid has various zones among which love zone has been designed to fulfill your marriage related wishes.

As per guidelines of reiki for job & marriage, install a wish-chit into love zone of wish-grid stating my marriage has been accomplished and i am leading happy married life now.

For stability in job, reiki for jobs & marriage reaps good results. You need to write on a wish-chit that you have been recruited in a reputed firm where you are getting good salary amounting Rs.(salary amount). Now, I am efficiently and satisfactorily indulged in my job.

Under reiki for jobs & marriage, write the same wish of marriage or job on white sheet using pink pen while blue pen should be used for writing business related wish if the wish chit is not there. Finance related wish should be written with green pen under reiki for jobs & marriage. Energize them for 21 minutes by the name of god and bury it into the soil. Do it for 40 days and notice the wonder of reiki for jobs & marriage.

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