Reiki for Hair Problems

In Reiki,’Hair problems’ can be treated by energizing ‘Root’, ‘Crown’ and ‘Solar’ Chakras’ so that overall ‘jeevani-shakti’ or life strengthening power can automatically be rejuvenated and hence, hair fall would get stopped and hair can regrow.

Alternatively, you ought to stick the middle joints of your both ring fingers with methi rings and rub them. Massage the kidney points as mentioned in the chart for acupressure therapy that are located at the back side of your hand for three minutes and then, stick five black magnets on those points.

Since ten fingers represent jala, agni, vayu, aakash, prithvi, time, directions, soul, tama and mana respectively, activate them by rubbing acupressure ring for 3 minutes in each finger in order to improve blood circulation and therefore, keep your body healthy.

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