Reiki for Financial Problem

Reiki for financial problem confirms financial gain with the help of four green crystals. These crystals must be energized before preserving them in money box. God’s name is enough to induce eternal energy into those four crystals. Keep your money-box’ left side far end opened, as per norms of reiki for financial problem. Put energized green crystals into your money-box.

In Reiki for financial problem,Wish pyramid is regarded as finance energizer that connects with cosmic force. Owner’s photograph and his date of birth are kept in it to boost-up financial status. Reiki grid is another mean of increasing funds under reiki for financial problem. Wish-chit should be kept reading By god’s grace my finacial condition has been boosted-up. Keep showering your blessings on me. This is what enhance your funds and money as per norms of reiki for financial problem.

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