Reiki for Bed Wetting

The health disorder of bed-wetting is caused due to weak muscular system, nerve impulse and frequent urination that create defects in kidney.

According to reiki for bed wetting, mark a yellow dot on mool-aadhar chakra at the back mid section of both hands at night. Energize sacral chakra with orange crystal and mool-aadhar chakra with red crystal under reiki for bed wetting.

The 10 major pores’ related problems namely ears, eyes, nose, mouth, uterus, anus and navel can be treated by acupressure therapy. Acupressurer for ear problems suggests for stimulation to middle joint of small fingers.

Under reiki for nose problems index fingers’ to heal eye related disorders, ring fingers’.

As per reiki for mouth problems, heal left middle finger. Healing to right middle finger corrects urinary tract related problems under reiki for urinary tract.

Left thumb’s upper joint for anus related problems and right thumb’s upper joint should be executed to cure navel related disorders according to reiki for navel displacement. Use seven crystal embedded triangular pendant for regulating body functioning properly.

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