Ramayan Originated from Bhagwat Geeta

The god preached meaningful message of sacred geeta to Lord Sun many years ago. Again, when his message was forgotten, Lord Krishna preached Arjuna the ‘lesson of duty’ 5,500 years ago.

How was Ramayana originated from Bhagwat Geeta? Let we reveal. Maharishi Balmiki was a dacoit to whom Lord Narada described that his family would also be equally incorporated to the committed acts, i.e. either good or bad. Thus, he began to utter the name of ‘Lord Sri Ram’ as ‘maraa, maraa’ for repenting over his mistakes. Consequently, Ramayana originated from Bhagwat Geeta.

In Ramayana, Lord Ram killed only evil-doers on the contrary, Arjuna killed his own near and dear ones.But still, both are honored by people. World is spinning on the basis of performed works/deeds by creatures as per gist of ‘Geeta’. Moksha can be achieved only by performing deeds without showing egoism and proud as shown by Yudhishthira via his patience and dutifulness. Arjuna did not get moksha after killing Duryodhana,Bhishmapitamaha and so on due to his proud over his strength and power.

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