Problems in Study

Daljeet Kaur (born on 5.12.1990 between 11 & 11:30 in Jalandhar, Punjab) has queries regarding her marriage & resuming study. According to astrological conclusions, her horoscope concludes that Saturn has been interrupting her education since 22 May 2010. She ought to arrange \’mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’; keep fast on Thursday and feed yellow rice to poors on the same day; recite the mantra \’om gram greem grom shah guruve namah\’; wear emerald gemstone on Wednesday. Everyone can strengthen the position of 5th aspect (the aspect of valour) by respecting parents, elders, cow and gurus if it is weak for attaining good education, wealth & virtuous disposition along with superior designation. Gyan Prakash Tiwari (born on 17. 5. 1982 at 8:17 a.m in Chhattarpur, M.P.) wants to know about his prospective job if it would be government or private. As per astrology, his horoscope indicates that he is born in Gemini ascendance & mahadasha of Bhagyesha(saturn) is occurring but the alliance of Mars & saturn is causing \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’. The sun is forming \’buddhaditya yoga\’. He ought to recite the mantra as \’om bram breem brom shah budhaaye namah\’since any Wednesday; wear emerald gemstone & donate spinach at any cow-shelter. Saturn has been impacting since 22 May 2013. He ought to floow astrology based remedies against aforementioned inflictions to planets. Gyan Prakash Tiwari (born on 17.5.1982 at 8:17 a.m. Chhattarpur, M.P.) desires to know whether there is any governement job in his destiny or not. According to astrology, his horoscope conveys that he has taken birth in Gemini ascendance. Mahadasha of Bhaagyesh is occurring presently. He is inflicted with \’Bhagyaheen Dosha\’, despite committing complete effort he has to undergo strife & struggle. Presently, mercury has started to cast it impression by availing sureshot success. He ought to enchant the mantra \’om bram breem brom shah buddhaaye namah\’ on Wednesday; wear emerald gemstone & donate spinach in cow-shelter alongside;give honour to sister for getting good job in private sector. Rimpi Verma (born on 13.7.1986 at 6 a.m. in Arunachal Pradesh) is anxious to go through the astrological aspects to get rid of familial differences & frequent ups & downs in her life. As per astrology, her horoscope reveals that she is born in cancer ascendance while her sign is Virgo. Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu which has been troubling her since 2006. Conspiracy constituted by the allaince of malefics can deprive you of love. Moon & mars, both, are inflicted. She is suffering from \’bhagyaheen dosha\’ & the sun has been housed in 12th aspect while Rahu is in 10th aspect. After April 2011, inauspicious time has been casting its spell & it will last till 2 March 2014. The main culprit planet that is causing infliction is Saturn which is in 5th aspect. The couple on whom blessing from both lord Shiva & goddess Parvati does not shower, there does not abide pleasure. Those individuals are regarded as dead as corpse. A woman is as strong as goddess \’chandi\’ and she has the power of recreation.

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