Problems in Marriage

Deepak (born on 12.3. 1971 at 10:40 in New Delhi) has queries regarding his future & family via the reference of astrology. As per astrological conlusions, he is born under Taurus ascendance & the lord of ascendance is housed in the 9th aspect of horoscope. \’Sampoorna Chandra-grahan\’,\’sampoorna surya-grahan\’ are causing plights by hurdling promotion, flow of wealth and bringing disgrace. Saturn is housed in the sign of mars, i.e. 12th aspect. Career & family aspects in his horoscope are trapped under inauspicious spell & hence, seems inflicted. Jupiter is impacting under the mahadasha of Jupiter. The period till 2nd June 2013 will be of \’Labhesh\’ that promises him to be entertained with handsome money but his familial life will suffer. He ought to keep fast on Thusrday; remediate for the aforementioned astrological defects via vedic rituals; worship lord Ganesha to appease Jupiter while reciting the mantra-\’om ganganapataye namah\’ till 108 times a day; offer \’modak\’ as \’bhog\’ to lord Ganesha on Wednesday. Dev (born on 20.10.83 at 9:25 p.m in Bikaner, Rajasthan) desires to know astrological solutions relating to arranging his marriage as early as possible & business upliftment. As per astrological conclusions, his horoscope points that Ketu and Jupiter have been allied in ascendance constituting \’Guru Chandal Dosha\’ while the alliance of the sun & saturn is indicating \’Pitra-dosha\’ & among the worst of all, Rahu has diminished the positive impact of 7th aspect. Venus is the lord of 7th aspect. The alliance of Mars & venus is also contributing as hurdle in prospective arrangement of his marriage. The inauspicious time will last till 25th January, 2013. He ought to appease Ketu while performing holy rituals including mantra recitation; following to it, arrange havana after wearing new cloths; arrange \’parihar poojan\’ to eliminate guru chandal dosha; wear 14 mukhi rudraksha; recite \’Hanuman Chalisa\’. Kamaljeet Kaur (born on 9.6.1990 between 7 & 7:30 p.m in Nabha) wants to ask about her marriage & government job. According to astrological aspects, she is born in scorpion ascendance & in gemini sign. She is inflicted with \’kaal sipr dosha\’, \’mangal angarak dosha\’ & \’amavasya dosha\’ also. Rahu is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. Her inauspicious time will continue till January, 2013 as there will be instability in her job. She ought to follow the rites to appease Rahu; perform \’mangal angarak dosha parihar poojan\’, \’santaan Gopal ji\’s poojan\’ & goddesss \’Mangalaa Gauri\’; keep fast on Monday.

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