Positive RA Factor | Treatment for Piles | Frequent Urination

You can make your life healthy by getting Naturopathy Tips from Mr. Anil Bansal. Now let’s check out some healing measures of disease.

In positive RA factor, there is a severe pain in the joints that is intolerable. Have a glass of milk mixed with pinch turmeric at night daily. Soak hands & feet in hot water with salt & alum for positive RA factor. Avoid fried food, sugar & spices. Take chapatti of roasted wheat, gram & barley flour as it will add energy via meal. Avoid sitting under AC & cooler. Have salaki juice for better results in getting positive RA factor.

To stop frequent urination soak Gokhru/baakhri in water, boil it in the morning & take daily. In evening, eat grams it help in controlling frequent urination. Tie water soaked bandage on stomach & apply fuller earth (multani mitti) on stomach.

As per treatment for Piles,take milk added with lemon for 15 days & repeat the cycle alternatively. Also take buttermilk in lunch.

For averting shivering hands,follow the described mudra, have apple juice daily if you are not a diabetic. Do not have maida in food items. Stress is your enemy, so avoid taking tension & do not get angry. Soak your hands in hot water added with salt & alum. For proper blood circulation, do hand & foot exercises.