Positive and Negative Energies | Vastu Tips

The matter of positive and negative vibes will be the key point to be emphasized through this vastu based show. Positive and negative vibes are the abstract feelings of the surrounding forces. The imbued energy and gestures replenish in you while shifting from one place to another. As per vastu-shastra, at one place you feel joy, bliss and pleasurable, that place is supposed to be full of positives energies while at some other place or meeting with some such individuals consisting of negative aura spread deprivation. Hence, disperse negative energies such as arrogance. The place where you confront low feelings, restlessness, anxiety, depression, irritation and short-temper are in excess is thought to be full of negative energies. From where do these positive and negative energies genesis? These are mainly created and triggered by the vastu, the science of architecture. The transformed facet of such energies is also regarded gravitational energy or magnetic or solar energy. Their transformation creates positive energy. Utilize it with care.Vastu shastra has many sources of resurrecting place. From vastu directions such as north, northeast & east, energies are evacuated by harming vastu directions which transform negativeity in to positivity. Imbalancing of recieved energies harm vastu environment through negative energy creation. Ultimately, we recieve that hazardous energy. Thus, imbalanced opposite forces raise trouble in our life and we begin complaining it. Opened and wide south corner of the house is concluded as Vastu defect in Vastu-shastra. As per vastu norms, extended south area should not be left exempted. According to vastu solutions,heavy plants in the south, such as Ashoka tree, should be grown and windows in the same direction should be kept covered using dark or red coloured curtains since it would be better. Toilet in west direction is supposed to be fine and mirror on east wall is also good as per vastu norms. According to vastu consultant, idols of god should not be adorned in the vehicle since we perform some personal activities in it, such as smoking, eating and sitting like couch potato. Photo of god can be kept inside the dashboard of a vehicle so that you can bow your head in admiration before him at the time of gearing up the vehical.Apart from it, spectra light stone (sphatik) or bell can be hung in it so that harmonial sound gets spread while killing negative energies. White colour is the supreme colour and alongside, yellow or lemon colours evacuate negative energies to a great extend. As per vastu guidelines, pooja-room in northeast is believed to be the best location and religious rite or rituals should be performed while facing northeast. There are 33 crore deities in Sanatan religion and Hindu culture who govern varied directions. Study should be done while facing north for enhancing inclination and concentration towards study and thus, keep the east wall light as well as tidy. Drainage should be provisioned in north and east. Aura is an eternal external chakra resembling light surrounding our body. When negative aura, i.e. weak comes in contact with the person possessing positive aura, pleasure to us is obliged since positive aura is sucked or absorbed by negative aura which affects both individuals possessing opposite auras. The interaction of negative aura with positive aura gets depleted, for instance psychiatrist or doctors feel weak till the end of the day due to continuous interation with negative vibes of patients. Negativity abides everywhere, however, in low or high density, which requires proper cleansing via vastu solutions or remedies. Every thing, environment and creature, has its own aura, such as of table, tree etc. that defines its existence. The claim of discovering a machine measuring aura is fake since no machine can ever measure aura. \’Kirlian Photography\’ claims capturing the still of aura. But as per vastu consultant, god gifted supernatural powers enable a person to view aura which is known as \’clairvoyance\’. This power can be developed. Refined body, simple food consumption and honesty help to evoke this power. For instance, the pure and refined aura of a child can tell about the aura of the ambience. His happy mood defines positive aura while crying and restlessness indicate negative aura. A light should be left switched on and sea-salt is to be kept inside the house in case, it is to be left evacuated. For cancellation of negative energy in prohibited area or plot or house, positive aura should be enhanced to strengthen resistance power. In east facing shop, the cleansing of east and north (abode of Kuber)phasing through cleanliness and exposure to the sun is requisite for reaping profit. In west facing house, looking glass on east and north walls should be fixed to negate vastu defect and gate at northwest should be made bigger for getting entertained with success. As per vastu guidelines, north wall of the house is a big career of finance and opportunities. Therefore, the wall in north should be decorated with rainbow glasses and aroma by burning incense sticks should be spread here for positivity enhancement of the house. Tattered marital relation can be brought back on track by painting the couple\’s room with white colour; by keeping two balls of rose-quartz crystals and by decorating the walls with appeasing pictures portraying birds and flowers. Cleansing of negative energies is essential since they keep rising throughout life. Hence, filteration of negative energy is must to nullify the affect of inevitable negativity. Open area in south lets out the magnetic energy heading straightaway from north as per vastu norms. Thus, south should be blocked to hamper that outflow of magnetic energy. Kitchen in north triggers diseases in the house because positive energy coming from north is burnt out by the heat of gas-stove in kitchen of north. Hence, the gas-stove should be placed aligning east wall of the kitchen. And yellow colour should also be painted on its wall. Unrefined sedimentary salt is called sea-salt. Daily mopping of the floor with the water dissolving sea-salt wipes put the negative energies from the house and surrounding ambience. Two or three fistful sea-salt should be used for the same. Initially, regular mopping is requisite but after few days, mopping on alternate days may be done. Keeping this salt beside you absorbs negativity in you while acting as filter. It is to be kept in a bowl openly in the living room, drawing room etc. for averting negating aura. It should be changed after 15 days since its energy gets choked.