Pitra Dosh

\’Pitri-dosha\’ ritual is counted as essential rite among 16 most significant rituals advocated in Hindu tradition.Evidence has been laid down in scriptures also that those who mesmerize their ancestors they are liable to be released from the liability of their ancestors.Pitri dosh resumes to negate the impact of every generous act as it is burdened upon you due to sinful act committed in either this or past life. It is essential to remove \’pitri-dosha\’ via religious rites which leave terrible impact on our life. \’Mukhagni\’ is the last rite that is carried out by any near or dear one at the mourning time. So that the departed soul of the dead one will be free from any attachment with the family and his/her son who is setting it at fire. Reincarnation or blessing moksha ends every kind of old attachment. Scriptures convey when the end of soul falls, the seat or asana of \’Kusha\’ is instructed to be rendered by donating cow while enchanting the name of lord \’Narayana\’.And it is enchanted that except name of god, i.e. Rama, nothing is truth (Ram naam satya hai). Crying before a corpse is denied in scriptures. But trapped in the love of the dead one, relatives burst into tears. Sometimes, the soul does not get freedom completely due to attraction that would have been left in the heart of relatives or due to evil karmas. Evil karmas assign pret yoni (evil spirit) due to which a soul wanders for infinite years in this world. For seeking release from this trap, wandering soul resumes roaming. During the stage of \’Vaanprasthh\’ or recluse, everyone has to perform virtuous karmas as per advise interpretted in scriptures. A person is inflicted by pitra-dosha due to remaining attraction after death. Offer water in the name of dead ancestors, nurse a cow, feed brahmana. The offered water is rendered to our late ancestors by the sun, water and air via oblation (holy offering). Simran\’s son Gushan (born on 21.1.2004 between 1:15 and 1:21 in gronda) wants to know the future of her son. As per astrology, the lord of his ascendence is Venus which is in the aspect of career for carving his career growth. Presently, Jupiter is impacting in the dasha of Moon. Till 12th March, 2013, Jupiter will pause every way of his growth. He is inflicted with astrological defects called \’sirp dosa\’, \’Pitri dosha\’ and \’Bhagyaheen dosha\’. Arrange \’siddha kunjika strota pathh\’ of Mata Durga 1,25,000 times to end aggression from his temperament. And make him offer \’kheer\’ to girls or cow on every Friday. Jai Prakash Narayana (born on 3.10.1950 at 9:37 a.m in U.P.) wants to know the astrological aspect due to which he became diabetic and suffering from other health disorders. Astrology confirms \’surya and shani chaandaal dosha\’, \’surya grahan\’ and mahadasha of Mercury is occuring in which moon is impacting. He is born in scorpion ascendence and moon is housed in 8th aspect. Visit to lord Shiva\’s temple and do prayer and \’mahamrityunjaya poojan of lord shiva\’ to appease him. Secondly, he is advised to recite \’om somaaye namah\’ and wear panch mukhi rudraksh rosary around neck for good health.

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