Physiotherapy for Cardio Diseases

Heart related disorders are called cardio diseases. Physiotherapy can avert the possibility of bypass surgery by removing the blockage in heart veins. Cardio surgeons used to regulate high pulse rate by using pacemeter. But now, physiotherapy has the benefits of yoga-cum-exercise that can remove clotting of blood in brain otherwise, it may lead to paralysis of brain. This therapy revives energy of weak body parts via supplying oxygen with the aid of yoga and exercises that are specifically meant for treating particular disease.Eye problems can also be cured by this basic phenomenon of supplying oxygen to weak retina, optic nerve, cornea and other internal organs that can effect our vision. Modern physiotherapy by a qualified physiotherapist can combat epiliptic attack, parkinson ,multiple sclerosis and even height can also be gained till 40 years by this therapy.

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Dr. Jatin Chaudhry

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