Physiotherapy for Blindness

Blindness is caused due to optic nerve dystrophy, retina damage and macular degeneration. But physiotherapy along with osteopathy, acupressure, acupuncture and yoga can revive the strength of vision to restore it. Loss of vision due to diabetes, brain hemorrhage and optic nerve dystrophy can be recovered approximately completely,if it is not by birth. A physiotherapist helps in supplying oxygen to necula for treating macular degeneration via his therapy. Nearly, 76% patients have recovered the intensity of their sight completely. Even diabetic patients,who have developed blindness, can follow abdominal and pancreatic exercises along with prescribed diet-chart and physiotherapy. Their sugar level will be balanced and then, stimulation at specific points will be given to bring their sight back. Patience is must for sure recovery.

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Dr. Jatin Chaudhry

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