Past Life Regression

All dreams are not co-related with one another normally which have significance in our life. The therapies of alternate science can help you if your dreams are fearsome, related to particular place and persons. For instance, Sandeep had been suffering from phobia possessed by height. He was undergone hypno-therapy to reach to the root cause of shooting phobia due to height. He revealed in trans mode that his friend \’Sunder\’ pushed him from a mountain and he died in his past life. He went through healing session via hypnotherapy for getting rid of his phobia. Another instance unfolds that a person used to suffer from pain whenever a dream of horse struck his subconscious. The mystery unfolded via Past Life Regression that he was a dacoit in his past life. Having encountered with police, a bullet hit the back side of his head and he died while withering in pain.Whenever his subconscious recalled that incident in dream, the pain began to shoot. He was also healed through healing sessions. Any medium,such as hypno-therapy or meditation, can be used to heal. But only a dexter therapist can heal the scare by landing into the deep ground of sub-conscious. Impressed by the healing technique of Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, Sandeep learnt Angel therapy and aided his father to recover from liver sclerosis which is a kind of cancer. Our sub-conscious mind is bedecked with such supernatural power that enables a person to evoke fairies, angels and even god for healing. Such healing is capable of curing incurable diseases to certain extent. The nightmare in which a snake appears causing fear may have definite concern with early or past life. Regression therapy will work wonder to find out its exact cause. Healing sessions do not require continuous visit to the therapist. Varied healing techniques are taught to the patients so that they can utilize them at home. Just one session with a progressionist will be requisite to know the cause because cure can never be possible without knowing the reason. As far as deep regression is concerned, a natal-chart is also prepared to summarize past karmas. Therefore, it\’s a very deep science to get familiar with the power of your sub-conscious mind,where the god abides. Your all divine powers will get evoked and whatever you wish that will come true.

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