Past Life Regression – Hypnotism

Future is dependent upon various beings and activities as well. Future can never be the creation of just one. On the contrary, it is formed through our karmas. Suppose, you have covered specific region while walking on your feet and afterwards, you desire to evoke every scene that you have been passed by. Such kind of recalling is done through the therapy called ‘Hypnosis’ or Past Life Regression- Hypnotism.

Having manipulated the fixed plans or ideas, your future will get altered via Past Life Regression-Hypnotism. Progression therapy is utilized for changing your future. It is the way through which you can achieve your target or goal. Now-a-days, youngsters are engulfed by tension and worries due to lacking opportunities to reach the target, job, or progress. To make the future fruitful, Past Life Regression-Hypnotism & Progression therapy are derived. For instance, as visualizing in the video Prerna Bajaj, the physiotherapist, goes through creative visualizing healing, a part of progression therapy, under the guidance of Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva. She sees in her sub-conscious mind that she has gotten internship in a hospital where she is treating the patients. Now, in reality she is absorbed by GB Pant Hospital where she is happy to work in. She learnt this therapy as it shows fast results; alongside, she is capable of healing her mother as well. There is a law of attraction that exists.

As you witness during creative visualization as you will be granted for which angels are evoked to fulfill your wish. Everyone has the power of instinct or sub-consious mind but only few out of us acquaint of it as per Past Life Regression-Hypnotism norms. The day individuals will start realizing that paranormal power for the sake of goodness, their all wishes will come true. Obstructions can be removed by using Past Life Regression-Hypnotism in case you are capable of achieving something.

Despite having sharp memory and good concentration power, some kids do not score good enough as per their capabilities. The basic reason for landing in this situation is negative programming done by their parents during school time. Positive programmes can be fed by undergoing healing process via Past Life Regression- Hypnotism. Either ‘Meditation’ or ‘hypnotism’ is utilized to perform healing process. Physical, mental or karmic ailments are treated through this therapy since it is scientifically proven. From meager ailment, such as cough and cold, to severe disorder, as cancer, can be cured through Past Life Regression-Hypnotism.

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