Past Life Regression – Hypnosis | Spontaneous Recall

The process of recalling the memory during 3 to 5 years of age is called spontaneous recalling in which he/she tells about the things that would have happened in his/her early life. Past life regression can be done through two means, i.e. hypnotic and non-hypnotic.While undergoing hypnotic regression, the patient dreams himself/ herself as an actor or the main protagonist. There are some similarity between the past and present life such as the dreamer, his/her personality type,features etc. The gender of the patient can be changed in both birth but soul remains the same. During hypnotic regression, the patient can go into such depth that he /she may experience acute pain that might have any connection with him/her during early life. This therapy can be used to know the reason of triggering the illusive mark of unusual memory relating to early birth that can be spontaneous also. Phobia, asthma and the pain that does not show any biological reason of its outburst may also have any connection with early life as per researches and experiences of hypnotic regression.

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