Paralysis | Swelling | Unwanted Facial Hair

For prolonged Paralysis

Boil garlic in milk for few minutes and drink it every night to reduce the pain and revive the energy of blocked veins. It will diminish the pain and open the blocked veins.
Make order for ‘paralysis set’ from institution. You can confirm to the doctors of the institution for free treatment of paralysis.
Leg pain and Swelling

Drink turmeric in warm milk at night to keep swelling at bay.
Drink boiled water of coriander seeds for 4 to 5 months continuously.
Drink the juice of ‘Salaki’ to get relief from prolonged leg pain & swelling.
Unwanted facial hair

Squeeze out the juice of garlic. Rub it on the face by dipping half piece of lemon in the garlic juice. Pour rose water into the warm water and wash your face with it every day after completing the whole procedure.
Heat up turmeric powder. Add it with honey. Then apply it on your face to weaken the root of unwanted facial hair.
Drink juice made up of tomato, carrot and beetroot seeds in winter to make the hormones balanced due to which unwanted facial hair are growing and causing trouble o you.