Paralysis | Drinking Habit | Ear Problem

Problem 1: A patient has been suffering from ‘Paralysis’ for 5 years.

Solution: Take a glass of water (500g) and a glass of milk (500g) along with 10g to 20g garlic in a vessel and let these boiled altogether until the solution remains half in the vessel. Give it to the patient of paralysis so that the warmth of this solution would remove the blockage of each and every vein. You should also take support of a wall while lying on the floor with your head down. Put your legs against the wall and bring them back and forth repeatedly for few minutes. Try to extend your arm horizontally from side and vertically in front continuously for few minutes as well. Do these exercises with concentration for more beneficial results in Paralysis. This will help you to eliminate the blockage in the veins. Prohibit fried and cold food as it will again contract your veins. In addition, you can do massage with the above mentioned water, milk and garlic solution on the paralyzed part of the body for amazing result in paralysis. You can also make order for its medicine from institution where the facility of free medication is available for poor people.

Problem 2: Suffering from addiction of cigarette and drinking habit. His body has become weak as he has shed near about 20 kg of weight. He remains angry, feverish and keeps grinding teeth. Tell the solution for getting rid of drinking habit and improve health.

Solution: First, go for proper medical checkup. Feed him with the juice of pomegranate to improve health. Let him drink the solution prepared from buttermilk, turmeric, cumin seed and asafetida in the morning and evening. Turmeric will improve the functioning of liver. But if the patient has been diagnosed with T.B. (tuberculosis) then omit turmeric from the above mentioned solution. Else, you can make order to get the prescribed available medicine from our institution to get rid of drinking habit.

Problem 3: Naazdeen from Delhi has been suffering from the ear problem for 10 to 15 years. Is there any solution for the same problem?

Solution: Go for medical check up to an ENT to sort out ear problem.