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Astrology can be segmented into three parts. The ‘best astrologer’ P.K.Sarna briefs that one part of ‘astrology’ is ‘Siddhant’ (doctrine) which is a celestial science. According to this ‘Indian astrologer’, the entire calculation falls in the formerly mentioned part of astrology.

The second part of astrology is ‘Samhita’ (code) which is maiden astrology related to the world and people. The third part is ‘hora’ which talks about man on the basis of evidence available in ‘Vedic astrology’. ‘Astrology’ can also be divided into essential, semi-essential and non-essential parts. Its essential part requires co-operation, non-essential part includes daily activities and queries related to individual.

Semi-essential part of astrology is comprised of those relations that prove beneficial and good for the whole humanity. Consult the ‘best astrologer’ to take best advice while purchasing a plot or piece of land as he would suggest the suitable directions to you.

The astrology of India recommends directions of plot. Northeast is the best direction for purchasing any plot and the shape of the plot should be either square or rectangular. The ‘top astrologer’ P.K.Sarna advocates that acceptable ratios of land are 1:1, 1: 1.5 and 1:2.

Directions of plot in astrology interprets that the plot shouldn’t be bushed and hence, be cleaned. The ‘top astrologer’ warns not to buy the land that has more than 70% negative energy flowing in it and also, discard the idea of buying a plot at T-point as per astrology for directions of plot.

The eye would undoubtedly be affected and you may be bereaved from your beloved if the cross lies below the sun as per rules of ‘palmistry’. And if that cross lies below the Saturn, hernia and kidney would keep on troubling his/her health. So, they prefer to live in isolation according to norms of palmistry. ‘Vedic astrologer’ cheers those whose hands are square in shape as per this science of palmistry.

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