Over Weight | Hair Fall

Consuming turmeric in hot milk makes our body immune to every kind of disease. Over weight problem can be cured by drinking a cup of hot water after every meal. Wrap damp cotton bandage around your tummy and cover it with woollen cloth for 30 minutes 3 times a day to overcome over weight. Apply fuller earth (multani mitti) on the tummy which has excessive fat before taking bath. The problem of over weight can be fixed by applying roasted turmeric powder in honey. Enjoy sips of white pethha’s juice to keep over weight at bay.

Practice Pashchimottanasana and drink mixed juice of tomato, beetroot and carrot to gain height in natural way since it balances secretion of hormones.

Hair fall can be prevented by washing your hair with the paste made of trifla’s water (soaked), fuller earth (multani mitti) and curd. Instead of using soap or chemical based shampoos that turn grey hair or hair fall, use the foretold paste. Hormonal disorder resulting in outbursting of facial hair can be reduced by rubbing ginger and lemon juice in lemon slice on hair follicles.

Roast a clove of garlic, swallow it along with hot water or have a spoon of honey with pure ghee for getting relief from prolonged coughing. Buttermilk with cumin seeds(jeera), asafoetida (heeng) and turmeric improves digestive system and restores stolen radiance of the skin. Drink apple juice daily to end heart ,liver and kidney disorders. Do Aabhaandal yoga everyday for rejuvenating and reviving eternal energy of the body.