Naturopathy Tips | Weight Loss tips | Ayurvedic Treatment

For curing cervical pain via naturopathy tips, drink salaakhi juice,cow’s milk with 1 spoon ghee in it. Naturopathy tips prescribes consuming milk with 1/4 spoon turmeric. It worthy to swallow 1 spoon methi powder and eat chapatti made of wheat, gram and barley flour everyday as per Naturopathy tips. Practice 12 asanas of Suryanamaskaar early in the morning. Prohibit stale, junk and fried food according to weight loss tips.

For treating pain of spondylitis and cervical, include buttermilk with asafoetida (heeng), cumin seed(jeera), turmeric powder and saunth in it. Naturopathy tips prescribe pouring methi seeds in pot water at night to have it throughout day along with an apple a day to reduce pain.

For getting rid of grey hair and frequent nail breakage problems via Naturopathy tips, apply mustard oil at navel,finger and toe nails, avoid soap and switch to multani mitti’s paste before taking bath. Drink the juice made of carrot, tomato and beetroot.

Naturopathy tips have solution for excessive sweating. If your feet and hands secrete sweat a lot then rub bottlegourd’s slice on them and include pomegranate and buttermilk with cumin seeds (jeera) and heeng in your diet.

For weight loss & reducing size of tummy, wrap damp bandage (thandi patti) around it and go to bed after 2 to 3 hours after having your meal.This is the simplest way of weight loss.

Bhura (sugar) in honey and vedic amrit for combating motions via Ayurvedic treatments. For getting relief in BP, diabetes and asthma, take juice made of 1 bitter-gourd and 3 or 4 tomatoes, eat chapaatti prepared from the mixture of roasted gram, wheat and barley flour and aak’s milk in 1 patasha.

As per Ayurvedic treatments, chew jamun’s soft leaves and its powder. Jog 10 minutes before and after taking your meal. For BP patients, 1/4 spoon Liquorice (Dalchini), 1 spoon watermelon’s seeds and ginger juice are good to take everyday.