Naturopathy for Depression | Dandruff | Cervical Pain

Naturopathy for depression relieves through asanas. Sit in ‘vajrasan’ with your legs open wide. Keep your arms straight. Slowly, move up and then sit down back in the same position. Hence, Naturopathy for depression works wonder through asanas. Do this 25 times in the morning and then in the evening. Also, ‘aabhamandal’, ‘surya namaskar’ and ‘ha’ exercise will benefit you in curing Naturopathy for depression.

Eating white pumpkin seeds twice a day will also be beneficial. You should put a wet cloth on the spine too via Naturopathy for depression.

For getting rid of dandruff, apply lemon juice in hair. Then, rub coconut oil and almond oil (badaam rogun) too to clear dandruff. Wash your hair with multani mitti. You can get the set from the institution also to remove dandruff.

For increasing proteins in the body, make use of the institution’s vedic maharas and drink pomegranate juice. For migraine too institution can provide a set. You will get the benefit in 6 months from it.

Also, drink apple juice if you are not a diabetic patient. You can also do this exercise of lying down and putting water on head, headache and eyes.

For cervical pain, consume cow’s milk and consume methi seeds twice a day. Also, dip a towel in warm water and place it on your back. Then, rotate your neck in all directions for calming down cervical pain. If you are not able to walk, the institution provides a salaaki set.

Alternatively, take 200g milk, 200g water, 20g garlic (in summers 10 or 15 g); boil it and drink it in the morning and evening. This will help in opening the nerves and relieving from cervical pain.