Muscular Disorder | Pimples | Indigestion

Muscular disorder

Drink turmeric in hot water excluding sugar.
Introduce buttermilk with asafetida, roasted cumin seeds and turmeric in your meal at noon to come out of muscular disorder.
Pimples and red scars

Mask your face with fuller earth or multani mitti before taking bath every morning.
Take buttermilk at noon to remove pimples.
Prepare the paste of melon’s seed and apply it on the face.
Fasten wet bandage around the abdomen and don’t forget to wrap another shawl or bandage over it for 30 minutes in the morning and at night.
Drink hot milk along with turmeric into it to stay pimples free.
Swelling and indigestion

Have milk in which munakka has been boiled.
Drink grapes juice every day to keep indigestion at bay.
Take buttermilk in which cumin seeds, asafetida and turmeric have been added.
Shaking of hands and legs

Drink apple juice in the morning every day.
Press your forefingers of both hands under the thumbs.
Hold your head with the six fingers on your head and two small fingers on frontal temple of both hands. Place the thumbs at the middle edge of your both ears. Keep some gap among all fingers and bring your elbow forth while holding your head. This exercise would eliminate the risk of paralysis and brain hemorrhage.
Wrap wet bandage following it with a shawl or hot bandage to end the troubles of stomach.
Eat chapatti made up of wheat, gram and barley flour.

Drink a cup of hot water after the meal.
Pain in heels

Turmeric in milk is like a panacea to combat pain and to gain immunity.
Warm your legs in hot water to get relief in pain. Then, place your legs upwards against the wall in order to regulate the blood in legs’ veins.