Mind-Body Relationship

Mind is responsible for giving orders while body is the follower that carries the command given by brain. The information via brain enables our body to act upon it but sometimes, our body resists to comply with command or instructions from mind. This resistability of body results in shooting body pain. Pain indicates prospective health disorder in the form of its symptom. If our brain assigns any specific task to any body organ, such as hands, despite of denial by our body to do it, we put every possible effort for completing it. In such case, any injury or pain causes hindrance and hence, work is averted. On the contrary, if our mind and body both, get resolved to complete any assigned task then no pain can stop them to do so. The mutual compatibility enables them to accomplish any task. Hypnosis is impactful via thoughts that are conceived by our mind. Medicine can kill biological symptoms but psychological strength can be gained only through focusing on thoughts.