Mercury Mahadasha

Sumit (born on 15.9.70 at 1:15 p.m. in Almora) has query regarding the mahadasha of mercury as per astrology. Astrology based norms conclude that mahadasha of moon is occurring presently. However, Mercury is the lord of 12th aspect yet it is housed in the 2nd aspect, i.e. Trikona. \’Mangal angarak dosha\’, \’Buddha chandal dosha\’, \’Surya grahan\’ & \’Chandra Grahan\’ are imposing complications and inflictions.Such astrological defects conspire stomach ailment, rise of hidden enmity & litigation etc. As per astrology based solutions, he ought to appease mercury by reciting its mantra; arrange \’parihar poojan\’ to avert the disaster of \’buddha chandal dosha\’; donate a white cow in a shelter on Wednesday; once in a month, visit to Ganges river for taking holy bath in it and have ganges\’ water also. Anju (born on 12.12.66 at 8:40 p.m. in Orissa)wants astrological reasons retarding the progression of the business run by her husband. According to astrology, Saturn is impating in the mahadasha of mars. Mercury will replace Saturn after 7th January, 2013 which will ensure good luck. The alliance of moon & Venus in 6th aspectindicates prospective indebtedness.Rahu in career aspect and the alliance of mars & saturn are appearing inauspiciuous. As far as astrological solutions are concerned, she ought to please mars by poojan and enchant the matra for summoning Rahu as \’Om bhram bhreem brom shah raahve namah\’; subsequently, discharge barley weighing equal to her husband\’s weight into the flowing water; offer unripe barley to lord Shiva in the temple; Continue religious ceremony from 3:40 a.m. to 7 p.m while enchanting the mantra \’Shiv-sahastra\’ while offering 1001 lotus flowers at the feet of the lord. Annu Saini (born on 21.10.84 at 2:45 a.m in Ambala) desires to know about his prospective marriage, career & future via the reference of astrology. As per astrological conclusions, his horoscope confirms that he is born in the leo ascendance and the sun is lying in the low level of horoscope. Presently, mercury is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. After 2013, auspicious planetary alliance will coincide his marriage. He is inflicted with \’grahan dosha\’, \’shukra chandal dosha\’ & \’pitri dosha\’. Vedic astrology conveys that he ought to put on \’ruby\’ gemstone; follow vedic rites for getting exemption from the aforementioned astrological defects; appease lord Shurya & lord SHiva by worshipping them; give respect to father also and offer water to the sun.

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