The divine force of conscience has infinite power. It may be literally regarded as hidden talent or healing power. The strength of conscience is powerful enough that can enable you to trace the god or to call him. Meditation is the simplest way to step into the conscience.

Parminder Kaur is capable of visualizing the almighty by virtue of her infinite power of conscience. The evoking of hidden talent or the power of conscience is accessed through meditation and Hypno-therapy as well.

What Maninder says,”I (Maninder) am a Tarot-card reader. I came to know that Past Life Regression via meditation is taught here. It helped a lot in combating my personal problems and received experience also. As being to Sikh religion, i witnessed Babaji through this therapy. I can’t say about the god gift i recieved via meditation. It was nice personal experience that enabled me to come out of my personal problems. While learning, i got some good and positive response. Now, i use this therapy over my clients. I also utilized this therapy over my child when he was undergoing some problem during school time. He is now completely well and my confidence is boosted.”

The deity upon whom you rely profoundly ought to be summoned when you encounter any trouble or problem. You get true and exact answer from divinity as he is the only truth existed in this world. Meditation can do this to you. The power of conscience is a part of divinity which can be utilized for positive cause but not for negative motive. This power will avert the possibility of moving towards negativity. Your inner wisdom via meditation will get evoked to aid you in understanding what’s good and what’s bad for you.

Angel therapy also helps you to evoke the power of conscience. A procedure is to be followed for reaching to the trans mode or sub-conscious mind via meditation. You can summon angels through meditaiton or hypno-therapy. The vibratory level of that place becomes positive due to arrival of angels. You can heal anything with their aide. Aspirants can learn these alternate therapies, including meditation, from the authorized centre located in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi or you can contact us through emails. You will get lifetime assistance from there.

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