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The literal meaning of ‘Meditation’ in hindi is ‘Dhyan’. Some people live with misconception that light should be switched off and rosary should be kept in hand while doing meditation. On the contrary, meditation is process that should be practiced continuously, for instance, focus should be towards the work in which one is indulged in like while running a vehicle or while eating food stuff. Normally, what happens that our conscious mind sets on one target while sub-conscious mind remains focused on some other ideas which concludes our mind and body roam in two different regions. This is wrong indeed. Mind, body and soul should be concentrated at a fixed target simultaneously which concludes the posture of ‘meditation’ in real sense. For acquiring more energy through meditation, one has to recall the deity or guru or almighty by summoning his name. Consequently, each and every cell of your body will be replenished with energy and vigour and all kinds of diseases will be recovered automatically since the aura of the deity will engulf your ambience.

Mind Programming is also possible through meditation or vice versa since our mind needs programming to meditate. As the mind is programmed as the person acts. For instance, the culture is imbued in a being by his/ her parents. Where even our mind will roam, our focus will stick to it unncessarily. So, enhance positive energy in you by summoning god via mind programming. As you do so as the energy will flow in the direction of god. Our ancestors used to thank god for bestowing them with every bliss but now-a-days, people are drawn towards riches and therefore, tension takes toll and we fall sick while recalling the shortcoming in our life. The problem of lacking concentration rises due to separate views of conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Reiki, mind programming and meditation enable you to bring them back simultaneously. We have introduced a CD with the aid of which one can meditate easily. Negativity breeds through the dilemma and fraud tricksters who tend to do so. Meditation can bring positivity in you by bringing mind, body and soul together to ensure the flow of positive energy. Meditation consumes 40 minutes in the beginning but afterwards, you will start enjoying that session as the level of energy rises.There is no fixed time for meditation.

In Hindi language, ‘Angels’ are called ‘pariyaan’. Angels stand for fairies which are deployed on the service of our help. They are incarnated just for releasing our inflictions , grieves and for guiding, protecting and healing us. We are doomed in the glare of the luxurious life to such extent that we feel incapable in accessing those angels in our surrounding.

In angel therapy, healing is done through angels which is regarded as angelic healing. For instance, summoning guiding angel can protect your child from becoming prey to negative aura or for enhancing concentration of a child. Protecting angels are evoked for ensuring the protection of your ward.

In the same manner, financial angel is called to strengthen the economical condition. The complete procedure of utilizing and evoking angels through Angel therapy is taught by us. Hence, all wishes can be fulfilled by you. Remember, Angels will fulfill your need but not your greed. Angel therapy is meant for one’s highest good.

For curing sneezing problem, ring fingers’ last joint of both hands is to be stimulated using acupressure machine for 3 to 5 minutes. Sneezing is caused due to rising irritation in nose or lungs. After stimulation, apply methi ring on the joints. Extended nose cartilage and polyps can also be cured through acupressure therapy. Throat chakra, heart chakra and third eye chakra are activated through crystals in reiki therapy to cure sneezing.

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