Meaning of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is associated with mind programming in which a patient is led to meditate for diving into the past from where phobia would had taken birth. The memory that has been formulated during such mode remains forever. Therefore, mind programming concieves and channelizes negative or positive thoughts in brain and heart. Consequently, the secretion of hormones from pituitary and peneal glands slows down that leads to various diseases. Reiki crystals help in Hypnotherapy. They are programmed positively for balancing and strengthening sub-conscious mind.

Constipation shoots due to navel displacement, negative programming and inadequate diet.Solar and sacral chakras are energized by reiki crystals.Stimulate centre of the right hand till 3 minutes with acupressure machine and then, apply 5 magnets there to place the navel at correct place. Do positive mind programming via Hypnotherapy.