Master Calling | Master Soul | Spirit Guide

Soul is the term that is coined for representing metaphysical existence of an object (spirit). When our experiences reach brim of our desires and no more scope is left for undergoing further experience, it is called master soul. Moksha or master calling is the same term that conveys the stage of being fully experienced in which a soul becomes able to decide whether to take birth or not. It provides its helping hand while we are in the journey of ascertaining experiences so that we can learn lesson from their matured experiences. Master soul resides associated with us in our aura invisibly to guide and help us while providing inputs during the time of difficulties and complexities for healing or combating them. We can only feel it as it is intangible and whenever our heart desires to do something unique, it seems always there to supervise us with its experience. It is all about the matter of belief or disbelief on soul.