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A. Patel (born on 14.10.1984 at 11p.m. in Surat, Gujarat) wants to know about his marriage. As per astrology, the auspicious time for his marriage is going to be started from 13th January 2013. But he is inflicted with \’Sampoorna Chandra Grahan\’ and the alliance of mars and saturn will not allow the marriage to be held. According to astrology, he should arrange \’Chandra Grahan Dosha parihar poojan\’, alongside, appease saturn and mars.Wearing an emerald gemstone and offering yellow rice to lord Narayana on Thursday can also be helpful. Pooja Jha(born on 25.2. 1987 at 12:55 p.m. in Katiyaar) wants astrology based solutions to improve her marital relation. As per her horoscope, \’Guru Chaandaal dosha\’, \’Aanshik kaal sirp dosha\’ and Saturn is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. She should worship lord Vishnu and do fast on every Thursday and arrange \’Guru Chaandaal Dosha Parihar poojan\’ for leading happy married life. Pooja (born on 22. 3. 1986 at 8:07 in Bihar) is eager to know about her marriage eve and future. As per astrology,She is born in Aries ascendence and Mars is the lord of ascendence that is housed in 9th aspect. Venus is impacting in the mahadasha of itself. Her horoscope reveals that she is inflicted with \’Aanshik Kaal Sirp Dosha\’. Thus, she is advised to arrange \’Mata Kaatyaayani Devi poojan\’ and \’Mata Gauri Poojan\’ for arranging marriage soon. Rajeev (born on 1.9.1985 at 8:30 p.m. in Navada, Bihar) desires to know his future prospectives as per astrology.According to astrology, the lord of ascendence, i. e. mars, is in 5th aspect with saturn. Ketu is causing \’shani chaandaal dosha\’.Mahadasha of Ketu has been started since 23rd May 2010 and the suffering time will last till 2017. As per astrological solution, he is advised to feed milk to black dog; discharge barley (weighing equal to his weight) in the flowing water on Saturday; and arrange \’shani chaandaal dosha parihar poojan\’. Lastly, recite the mantra \’om shram shreem svaha ketvaaye namah\’ with reverence. Rakesh Sharma (born on 2. 6. 1987 at 7a.m. in Katra) desires to know about his career and marriage. As per astrology, he is born under gemini sign and the lord of ascendence has been associated with Venus. Having recited Rahu-mantra 1,25,000 times, discharge barley weighing equal to his own weight into flowing water. Alongside, he ought to discharge gram or barley or millet in the running water everyday while reciting \’om raang raaghve namah\’ and do \’Kavach Pathh of maa\’ till 41 days religiously. Sachin (born on 6.1.1979 at 5 p.m. in Delhi) is bearing hefty debt. As per astrology, his sufferings will continue till 5. 1. 2013. He is inflicted with \’mangal angarak dosha\’,\’shani chaandaal dosha\’ and \’sampoorna Kaal sirp dosha\’.Apart from arranging parihar poojan for getting relief from the aforementioned astrology defects, donate a serpent in lord Shiva\’s temple on Monday; apply honey on Shivalinga and pour ganga jal over it and then do \’aarti\’ while worshipping. The miraculous astrology-solution for putting-off the burden of debt is laid down ahead: visit lord Shiva\’s temple; apply itra and saffron (kesar) on deity\’s idol; then, pour ganga jal over it while reciting \’Om namah Shivaaye\’. Lastly,offer 108 or 7 lotus flower to him.

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