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Deepti (born on 11. 10. 1977 at 5:05 a.m in New Delhi) wants to know her future and marriage. Her horoscope reveals that she is born in Virgo ascendence. The lord of ascendence is causing \’buddh chandal dosha\’ along with the infliction called \’Surya Grahan\’ as per astrology. Venus is impacting in the mahadasha of Rahu. Auspicious occasion of her marriage is occuring along with many hurdles. Arrange poojan for removing \’Kaal sirp dosha\’, \’surya grahan\’ and \’buddha chandal dosha\’. She is going to be married with a businessman according to astrology. Ashutosh Pandey (born on 25.11. 1979 at 8:35 pm in U.P.) wants to know about the chances of getting government job. His horoscope concludes that Venus is impacting within the dasha of jupiter presently. There are negligible chances of getting government job but alliance of moon & mars can make it possible. As per astrology, either saturn or the sun can enable one to get employedd in government job. His saturn is the lord of 10th aspect and influencing 7th aspect which indicates saturn can check his patience by dragging him into severe circumstances. He ought to appease saturn or lord Shani and Lord Sun by offering water to it everyday apart from respecting his parents. After May, 2013, his auspicious time will start due to positive influence of Venus which will be favourable for recruiting in government job. Lord Shani or saturn acts as a judge of our Karmas. It showers its good blessings and impact while incorporated with friendly or auspicious planets. But our bad karmas are responsible for compelling Saturn to inflict us by imposing gochar, sade sati or dhaiyaa(2 & 1/2), dasha or antardasha frequently in life.So that we would opt virtueness over evil acts. Saturn establishes prosperity and wealth if our actions are virtuous and fair.Jyoti (born on 4.4.1992 at 10 p.m. in Kota) desires to sought astrological solutions for arranging love marriage. As per astrology, her love marriage seems difficult to be held but she ought to arrange Ketu poojan as per religious rites; recite ketu mantra everyday and offer butter-misri as \’bhog\’ to lord Krishna in temple everyday till 90 days.

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