Low Concentration | Headache | Weakness | Weight reduction

Low concentration can be overcome by drinking Apple juice as it strengthens brain muscles,combats headache. Practice Suryanamaskar yoga every morning for enhancing memory & getting rid of low concentration. Include buttermilk in which cumin seeds(jeera) and a pinch of asafoetida (heeng) should be poured in lunch for keeping headache away caused due to swelling and weakness of bones,from your body. Keep sucking harr for curing prolonged headache.Downpour water on your head wetting eyes and forehead for instant relief in headache.

Patients suffering from BP, piles and ulcer should not consume hot milk with turmeric instead BP patients can drink hot milk in which resins have been boiled and eat watermelon’s seed. Have a spoon of honey before and after your meal if you want to gain weight & overcome weakness.

Apply paste of fuller earth (multani mitti) on body organ where fat is looking bulging for weight reduction. Wrap woollen cloth covering damp bandage around your stomach to fix the bulging tummy & hence, lead to weight reduction. Vedic -Amrit is a solution for making your body healthy & helping you to come out of weakness.